I coach my clients into believing they have a right to a great life. But it's more than that: it's a chance to close the door on what hasn't worked in the past and create what they really want.


If you're in a divorce, it’s up to you and only you, as you’re no longer in coupledom once divorce begins.  If you're recovering from a break-up but not a marriage, it's still up to you! Heartache is an equal-opportunity experience.


Divorce Unloaded™

Usually when someone begins a divorce, they really don’t have any idea of what’s going to happen. There’s no road map - an attorney has protocols and legalities - but for the client, the person who’s life is falling apart, they can't possibly understand what they're going to truly go through. And not being properly informed, only concentrating on “how much is this going to cost me?” creates a ton of fear and anxiety!

So I created Divorce Unloaded™ to help clients become equipped! Knowing what I know about divorce, I dig deep, getting to understand the person in front of me and teasing out what's up ahead. I share what I’m seeing and deliver a written assessment. Turning worry and concern into a plan with a strategy - having a head's up on what to expect - having a sense of where to go - gives clients direction and control. 


What to do next

So you're not sure what kind of coaching you may want (or need). Ok, we talk - I offer a quick 15-minute consultation for those curious about coaching. From there we decide what’ll work for you. Every heartbreak, every experience and every client is unique, but usually there are a few options:

  • Weekly - moving through your transition with clarity
  • Daily - support during particularly difficult periods
  • 24/7 - on call intervention
  • Occasional check - in

Maybe this all sounds like too much and you're not ready to commit to taking any steps. Stop it - let's have a chat! Contact me at More often than not, just knowing someone's on the other end of your concerns, helps; hearing my voice will calm your emotions. You are not alone! Some people don’t need as much personal attention as others, and some are looking for a little more hand holding.

We figure this out together!