Whether you're thinking about, going through, or recovering from divorce, let me help you lose the identity of your past marriage so your future isn't wearing the pain of the Scarlet D™

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I’ve been through 3 painful divorces, and if I could go back and do it again (which I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy) the one thing I now know that would have made a difference is this:


I wish I had had a divorce coach doingDivorce® with me.  


You see, divorce takes way longer than we want.  


Being prepared would have made a world of difference. But when I looked around for support, I never felt understood or accepted.  

I also felt judged, terribly ashamed like I was wearing the stigma of a Scarlet D™ on my chest.


Others were completely and utterly at a loss. People on the outside looking in were unsure of how to help, they didn’t know what to say or how to respond to my emotionality.


I didn’t know how to help them help me.  


There were times during these transitions when I experienced some of the loneliest moments of my entire life.  


As you read through the Scarlet D™ letters each week, I’d like you to grasp what’s up ahead, to see where you could shift, to have permission to grow and permission to change. I hope you experience doingDivorce® feeling heard and understood.  


May your separation be the amazing experience it’s meant to be and your rite of passage, life affirming.