Can I get real?

Going through any heartache, especially divorce, stinks.

It's usually really, really difficult. 

I call this pain a modern day rite of passage because it's one of those things that forces you to wake up and say good-bye to a life that isn't working... As a result, you inspire yourself to create what you want for your future. 

Every day, every moment even, you get to wake up and start anew.


Are you willing to join me?


Just Imagine:

removing the stigma of shame so the legacy of wearing the Scarlet D™ isn't passed onto your children.

gaining new tools to navigate the emotional roller coaster with compassion and dignity

developing trust in yourself so you can rebuild your relationships

being able to see the antagonism and feel the anger without reacting and making mistakes

knowing how to manage the professionals as a mature thinking partner instead of an emotional wreck

generously parenting your kids without needing them to choose sides

having a peaceful home, a loving relationship, and being granted dignity and respect.