Just Imagine:

- removing the stigma of shame so the legacy of wearing the Scarlet D™ isn't passed onto your children.

- gaining new tools to navigate the emotional roller coaster with compassion and dignity

- developing trust in yourself so you can rebuild your relationships

- being able to see the antagonism and feel the anger without reacting and making mistakes

- knowing how to manage the professionals as a mature thinking partner instead of an emotional wreck

- generously parenting your kids without needing them to choose sides

- having a peaceful home, a loving relationship, and being granted dignity and respect.

But you only get these kinds of results when you start to invest in the belief that you're worthy of having a great future.

Without that kind of belief, breakups can be profoundly frightening. I'm not about to mince words - going from being married to being single again is not for the faint of heart!

You've probably tried to DIY: told all your friends what's going on, pissed off your kids and family, read every article you could find on-line about separating, infidelity, and co-dependence.

But despite your best intentions, I suspect you've found yourself more confused, lost and isolated in your heartache; filled with anger and fear. We all need help stepping into who we're supposed to be. You need to know what to do! I’m asking you to let my thoughts inspire you to boldly go into your future leaving the legacy of wearing the Scarlet D™ in your past.

You do not need to bring that stigma and pain with you!

my thoughts: