Get going…

feel the feelings each and every day and thank them for being there  (I know sounds super corny but hear me out... ) You need them!  That anger, grief, confusion... will push you and make you grow and hopefully, not just start dating and trying to forget everything (JUST sayin') but truly be amazing. Heartache can be that good for us.

Whether you like it or not, without that kind of belief, breakups can be profoundly frightening. We all need help stepping into who we're supposed to be. You need to know what to do! I’m asking you (especially you DIYers) to let my thoughts inspire you to boldly go into your future... and after you're done reading, let me know if the articles help! Ask me what you need to understand. Communicate, reach out. This is new right? You can only go so far on your own.

my thoughts: